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See How You Can NATURALLY  Reduce Your Food Cravings With a Daily Supplement Backed By an ER Doctor
Finally...a way to quit snacking all day long, thinking about your next meal, and shedding those unwanted pounds.
Here's why you should try The Kelley Advantage Berry Full 
  •  Helps you control "in-between" meal snacking as you work hard towards your fitness goals 
     Won't make you feel jittery or nervous like other supplements or prescription diet pills on the market
  •  Made with REAL acai berries which have been shown to  reduce inflammation and protect  your body's cells
  •  Good source of antioxidants and fiber leaving you fuller long
  •  Sourced ONLY from the TOP Pharmaceutical Companies in the  USA
How I Lost 30 Pounds At the Age of 50
Before: Mid-30s, After Medical School      After:  At the Age of 50
By the time I finished my physician training in my mid-30s, I had gained 30 pounds. As a former athlete in high school, this weight had slowly snuck up on me. I was unhappy with my body and lacked energy to get through the day. As trained physician, I saw the side effects of prescription weight loss pills -- the edgy, jitteriness feeling -- and decided that was not for me.  Instead, I turned to the experts in the fitness world. 

With proper nutrition, regular daily exercise, and optimal supplementation, utilizing Kelley Advantage supplements, like Berry Full...I was able to get my weight under control and create the changes I was after.

Nutritional supplementation is still part of the daily routine I implement to keep me healthy and fit.
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All ingredients are sourced from the TOP pharmaceutical companies in the USA.
For best results, the recommendation dosage is two capsules per day.  
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Berry Full---60 Count Bottle
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A Note About Kelley Advantage Supplements, What Makes us Different, and...Dr. Kelley's Promise to You: 

Most nutritional supplements are not evaluated or tested by the Food and Drug Administration.  
The Kelley Advantage Supplement line, however, is sourced from only Top Pharmaceutical Companies here in America, who specialize in the production of bariatric nutritional supplements and who have a collective history of longevity in the industry of over 80 years in business.  With Kelley Advantage Supplements, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market.  
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Here's What People Are Saying About Dr. Kelley
"I met with Dr. Kelley and his wife, Sherrill, and they both helped me get on a program that was customized just for me. I exercise regularly now (love my chart, it really helps!), and eat 6 protein rich meals a day, so I am not hungry. I recommend if you have been saying “maybe tomorrow”, do it now. Nearly 20 lbs lighter for my big day, I am so happy I found Physician’s Way."
- Former Client
"Thank god I found physicians way! I was borderline diabetic, and I had High Cholesterol, weighed 185, and a height of 5’2…AT 20 YEARS OLD!!! That’s awful! I have now made a life change! I work out all the time…and I enjoy it! I also eat much healthier and much less than what I really thought was a serving and I still get fulfilled! I have lost about 35 pounds and 3 pant sizes! I feel great!"
- Former Client, T.N.
"They have never given up on me. I am happy to say that due to their “sticking by” me, I am now once again on my way to achieving my desired weight. One of the great things about Dr. Kelley’s program is that I eat 6 small meals a day! I’m rarely hungry. You ask yourself, how can you lose weight eating every couple of hours? Well, I couldn’t believe it would work but if you eat the right foods (which he will go over with you), you will see results in the first week."
- Former Client, Rob
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