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  •  Why and How Your Children Benefit When You Lose Weight...  
  • Why the Body Repays Consistency...What's Your Consistency Look Like?
  • How to REALLY Find Your Motivation & Leverage it to Change Your Body...It's SO Important
  • Why Muscle REALLY Matters and is Your KEY to Keeping Off the Weight
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About the Author - Dr. Kelley
Hello, my name is Richard Kelley. I am a physician, and practice ‘fitness-based’ weight management in Austin, Texas. For nearly 20 years in the medical field, I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a wide and varied range of what constitutes the best and worst of the human physical condition. Thirteen years in the ER have shaped my belief, that to a great degree, we are the masters of our own physical destiny, a destiny which is determined largely by how well be take care of our physical bodies as we pass from one year to the next. I practice and teach a concept I call, ‘The Fitness Response,’ and I show individuals how to make positive changes in the physical body, and how to maintain those changes, while the majority of people around them seem to consistently struggle to make progress in the right direction. 

I have helped over 1,000+ men and women in their journey to improve their physical bodies. 
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